Habakkuk 2:2 in the Amplified version says, “And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly].”

Here are some great aspects to how our vision should be presented:

  • Written:                     If it is in your head, no one can see it.
  • Plain:                          Keep it very simple so that it is memorable.
  • Everyone:                  Make it available to all.
  • Passes:                      Keep it accessible and in plain view.
  • Read:                         Did I already mention written?
  • Easily:                        You don’t need big words to be credible.
  • Quickly:                     Short is good. 

Need an example? God gave us one: “Go into all the world and make disciples of all men.”




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