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Do you feel alone in your call to the marketplace? 

Can you see the value in connecting with other marketplace leaders? 

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and maximise your talents? 

Welcome to Monday Forum
Here’s an opportunity to connect with likeminded marketplace leaders and professionals. Iron sharpens iron as you share experiences and lessons and walk with God together to impact the marketplace. 


Stragile Leaders Mapping lets you have access to proven facilitator


Moderated by a trained facilitator. 

Mentee and facilitator setting up 3 year plan in a day using the stragile method.


Three hours once a month. 

Team meeting. Facilitator recalibrating with mentees their plans after 90 days.


Mix with like-minded professionals


Like minded people sharing their ideas

Kick start your Monday Forum with an eight-part video training series based on the book; “Monday Matters; Finding God in Your Workplace.”

A practical framework to learn how to integrate your faith into your work. Led by Mark Bilton, experienced CEO and Founder of Called to Business. In this series Mark provides insights and a practical framework that lays out God’s purpose for work. These lessons have been mined from real world commercial experience.

Author Mark Bilton has walked with God and seen Him open doors that have taken him from the shop floor to the boardroom; from sales assistant to CEO. Follow an easy ‘study guide’ and ‘leaders guide’ with a full process, formal and questions all prepared for you.

Find a Monday Mentor or help put together your group at your workplace or church. Our ‘Leaders Guide’ will give you all you need to run the course and build your Monday Forum. Once you have completed the course, we can support you to lead your Monday Forum by training you as a Monday Mentor with a trusted protocol and structure.


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Ps David McDonald,
National Chairman, C.O.C

"Mark's life is an example of vigor and passion for the Kingdom of God. In his life he has applied many biblical principles to impact the marketplace, and Mark has shared them with us in his book 'Monday Matters'."

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Michael Baer,
Chief People Officer

"Mark Bilton's book "Monday Matters" is about the power of living an integrated Christian life whilst working. An invaluable source of guidance for those who want make their whole lives count seven days a week."

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Berni Dymet,
CEO, Christianity Works

" 'Monday Matters' is such an important and timely book as Mark Bilton helps us discover our godly meaning, purpose and fulfillment through the work that God has anointed for us to do. Definitely one of this year's absolute must-reads."

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